SDKs & Programming


What SDKs are available for the RingCentral APIs?

RingCentral's official and community SDKs are available here There are client SDKs in popular languages including C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby and Swift; a real-time communications WebRTC SDK; and a UI embeddable widget and React component library. All our official SDks are available on the RingCentral GitHub page: Documentation for SDKs are availabe in each GitHub repo.

Where is the SDK Documentation?

SDK Documementation is co-located with the SDKs. For RingCentral official SDKs, you can find them on the GitHub repos for the specific SDKs. You can find a list of RingCentral official and community SDKs here: Offical SDKs are hosted on our RingCentral GitHub account.

Which official C# SDK should be used? is the correct one has been deprecated.

The C# SDK provides async style APIs, what are the proper ways to invoke them?

There are two ways to invoke C# async methods: await f() or f().Result. The former is async while the latter is sync.

How to catch and print exceptions with RingCentral C# SDK?

Please read the sample code here:


How to use RingCentral together with React?

React is a generic solution for frontend development. If you want a sample application for RingCentral with React, here it is:

How to programmatically dial a number?

You can either invoke the ringOut api or use the RingCentral webphone SDK. Please read this ticket:

How can I set the presence of the current logged in user via API?

You can set the presence of the current logged in user by updating extension presence:!#RefUpdateExtensionPresence

How can I start RingCentral app to dial a number via command line?

On macOS, you can execute the following command in terminal: open "rcmobile://call?number=1234567890"