How to use Alexa as my Personal RingCentral Messaging Assistant?

Do you want to have an assistant to check for unread SMS messages, read them aloud and let you reply to the sender without the need of using your phone or touching a single button on a device? If yes, go on and read the aricle:

How to create Self-Service Public Glip Teams?

Business users often ask how they can harness the Glip team collaboration capability they use for their own employees to build a chat community with their customers.

Today, this can be done easily by inviting each customer using their email address, but it just got much easier!

Instead of manually entering each customer’s email address, Glipped provides a fully-operational self-service portal!

Please read:

How can I integrate inbound call screen pop feature into my CRM?

Here is a step by step tutorial for you to create a simple RingCentral to Salesforce integration. So whenever there is an incoming call, the caller's contact page in SalesForce will be popped up. It would also pop up a google search of some sort providing additional information about the person calling.

It takes Salesforce as example. The method also applies to other CRMs.