Webhooks FAQ


How can I resolve the "Parameter [deliveryMode.address] value is invalid" error when creating a webhook?

The Parameter [deliveryMode.address] value is invalid error indicates that RingCentral cannot connect to the webhook URL properly. This can be for a number of reasons including timeout, invalid response, or SSL/TLS failure. The webhook URL must return within 1 second and respond with a 200 status code. When creating a webhook, the URL must return the Validation-Token response header using the value that was sent in the Vaidation-Token request header. Common TLS issues can include: TLS isn't enabled, TLS does not chain to a trusted CA certificate, TLS certificate chain is missing, TLS algorithm mismatch, etc.

How can I verify if SSL/TLS is configured properly for my webhook?

There are a number of requirements for SSL/TLS to work properly including that it must be enabled on web service, must have a certificate that chains to a trusted CA certificate, must use supported algorithms, etc. To test your site, use the SSL Shopper SSL Checker service at: https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html.

What does error SUB-525, "WebHook server response is invalid", mean?

This error means that there is a problemw ith your WebHook server URL. It must meet the requirements stated in the Developer Guide for Webhooks.