Call Log FAQ


When do calls appear in the Get Call Log API?

RingCentral has 2 related APIs for calls, the Call Log API call-log endpoint and the Active Calls API active-calls endpoint. Calls will appear in the Call Log API approximately 30 seconds after the end of the call and in the Active Calls API beforehand using the v1.0/account/{accountId}/extension/{extensionId}/call-log and v1.0/account/{accountId}/active-calls endpoints respectively. When using the Online Account Portal, the calls are presented in a single merged view.

How can Call Log Records be mapped to Extensions?

A call can be associated with multiple extensions. To find the associated calls, retrieve the detailed call log with call legs and then match each call leg to the associated extension. Retrieve Call Log recrods with call legs by retrieving the Call Log endpoint with the view=Detailed query parameter, for example v1.0/account/{accountId}/call-log?view=Detailed. For each call leg locate the participant of interest's name property, for example, which is a concatenation of the extension's Extension Info firstName and lastName properties. More information is available is available on the Developer Community.

How to filter Call Log by Action?

Call Log records have a property action which can be set to Phone Call but it's not currently possible to filter on this in the API. To restrict your search to phone calls set the query type parameter to Voice.

How to filter Call Log by Result?

Call Log records have a property result but it's not currently possible to filter on this in the API. To filter on result it's necessary to retrieve the call log results from the API and the perform filtering in your application.

Why does the Active Calls API include finished calls?

Active call logs API not only keeps the track of Active calls but also keeps the track of most recent calls. The recent calls stays in the Active Calls for 20-40 min.